GEORGIE WEEDON  is an Wiltshire-based director, author, musician and photographer. 

Please find a selection of Georgie Weedon's films, commercial work and documentaries below. (For photographic work please see

Awards/ training
- Selected for funded Directors Guild of Great Britain Masterclass 2014 for emerging directors
- UK's National Film and TV School (NFTS) - Awarded public funded Screen Bursary to attend specialist week long course "Moving from Documentary to Fiction Directing" with BAFTA and Oscar wining director Pawel Pawlikokski
- Big Apple Playback Theatre Director's training, NYC
- Selected "Athena Filmmaker" programme Berlin Film Festival
- Film London/ UK Film Council emerging talent Pulse Scheme cohort
- Script Factory, "one of Europe's most talented emerging filmmakers" selected to attend Edinburgh Film Festival.

Iona Debarge x Iraina Mancini (3 min brand advert)
Director: Georgie Weedon


The Poet of Baghdad (Documentary, 30mins) for Al Jazeera
Director: Georgie Weedon

Meet the Belarus Free Theatre  (36 x 4-12mins documentaries)for BBC ARTS
Directed by Georgie Weedon
Please click here for portrait films
The Making of Generation Jeans (Click here)
The Making of Discover Love (Click here)
The Making of 4.43 Psychosis (Click here)


Baghdad Express (Short Drama, 12 mins) for Film London/BFI
Pulse talent award scheme, screened BAFTA new talent, many festivals
Producer: Georgie Weedon
Director: Nimer Rashed, starring Riz Ahmed

Return to Somalia (Documentary, 30 mins) for Al Jazeera
Director: Georgie Weedon

Password: "somalia"


Georgie's films have been screened internationally at festivals and broadcast to over 100million viewers on Al Jazeera, at BAFTA (top talent showcase), and the Frontline Club, London. She was on the launch team of Al Jazeera where she and a team developed Witness, the daily documentary programme, she co-authored a book about her time traveling around the Middle East: Four Young Artists in The Middle East(Booth Clibborn Editions) and was selected by Cambridge University as a Climate Leadership Fellow. 

Her photographs have been published in the Observer, on BBC online, on Ministry of Counterculture and in the book she co-authored Four Young Artists in the Middle East published by Booth Clibborn Editions. In 2015 she spent a year documenting the revolutionary underground theatre company Belarus Free Theatre creating a series of short films for the BBC and contributing to the book On Freedom, an anthology of short essays on the concept of freedom. Her photos from the series Photographing a Revolution can be seen here.

In 2014, Georgie co-founded global arts organisation Project ARIADNE with BBC Radio 4 producer and theatre director Susannah Tresilian, to profile and promote the work of women making theatre in conflict affected areas around the globe. In 2015, Project ARIADNE co-curated the Theatre of War Symposium with Ireland's National Theatre, the Abbey Theatre. @projectARIADNE

Georgie's CV

2008- current Gingerwink Films and Freelance Photography
Georgie set up Gingerwink Films in 2008. The company's first projects were the short documentary The Poet of Baghdad (30mins) for Al Jazeera, and the short drama Baghdad Express which was funded through the talent development programme Film London's Pulse programme and screened at BAFTA as part as an emerging talent showcase. Georgie also continues to work as a photographer.   

2015-2017 Ministry of Counterculture and BBC films with the Belarus Free Theatre
Founding Managing Editor for the global media publisher looking at how art can create change. See here:

2014 – 2015 Project ARIADNE
Co-founder of global arts initiative to profile female theatre makers and actors working in conflict-affected areas (Burundi, Rwanda, Palestine, Serbia, Colombia and Sri Lanka). Funded by the UK’s Arts Council. Co-programmed The War of Theatre Symposium with Ireland’s National Theatre, the Abbey Theatre 2015  @projectARIADNE

2004- 2008 Al Jazeera launch team
Georgie was the third member of the launch team of Al Jazeera English and was responsible for the global channel's documentary acquisitions and commissions; developing and naming the daily documentary show, Witness. She produced and directed Return to Somalia with Rageh Omaar  for Al Jazeera, Writer’s Guide to Cairo with Hugh Miles, and also produced Kosovo’s Cadets about the independence of Kosovo. 

2004 Project Co-Founder and author: Offscreen
Co- authored the book Offscreen: Four Young Artists in the Middle East
"For all of us the words Middle East conjure images, like anyone else, we'd read about it in newspapers, seen it on the telly and the pictures we saw were all terrorism, desert, oil and fear. And we had distant, hard-to-place images of Ali Baba, flying carpets and funny-looking water pipes being smoked by men wearing red-felt hats. We were distant and that was the premise. We had to get closer, to see what happened when the broadcast finished, to get ourselves Offscreen.

"A fresh, youthful take on the Middle East" – Geographical, "Nothing short of inspirational" - The Middle East in London, “Picture Book of the Week” - The Independent, “Picture of the week” - The Times. 

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BBC: Meet the Belarus Free Theatre 2015-2017 and Ministry of Counterculture
The Belarus Free Theatre celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2015 with the Staging a Revolution festival, featuring 10 landmark productions. Meet some of the members of the company in a series of films or BBC Arts.

Frontline Lipstick: a pioneering act of filmic cross cultural collaboration (2015)
Project partner with Royal Court and Cactus World Films and DOP/editor, (30 mins)
Nahil Mohana is a playwright from Palestine. In summer 2014 and again in 2015 she was invited to work on her play "Lipstick" by the Royal Court in London. The UK Border Agency refused her entry to Britain both times. In response, the Royal Court and Nahil began exchanging film across the borders. This is what they produced.

Hear in Malawi  (2014)
Documentary director, (30 mins)
We follow UK’s Big Brother winner Sam Evans as he travels from the UK to Malawi to see the work of hearing loss charity Sound Seekers.

Project ARIADNE: Frédérique Lecomte (2014)
Documentary co-director (8mins)
Previewed at Abbey Theatre's, Theatre of War Symposium 2015
Project ARIADNE is a global arts project, founded in 2014 by BBC radio producer and theatre director Susannah Tresilian, and filmmaker/author Georgie Weedon. We are making films about female theatre makers from around the world who are working in conflict-affected areas (Burundi, Rwanda, Palestine, Serbia, Colombia and Sri Lanka). Funded by the UK’s Arts Council

Eve’s Girls (2014)
Documentary director (10mins)
Short independent documentary about the work of Richard Branson’s mother empowering young girls in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Reviewed by UK’s national newspaper, The Observer 2014

The Poet of Baghdad (2010)
Documentary director (30mins)
Al Jazeera's Witness and Artscape
Selected Sheffied Doc/Fest, Frontline Club

Unforgettably poetic, invites one to pause. So powerful and moving. Wow!”   Theodore Zeldin  "A very moving, gentle portrait of a lost Iraq" - Rageh Omaar
In 1979, Nabeel Yasin fled his homeland with his wife Nada and three-year-old son because he had published poetry that did not conform to the views of Saddam Hussein and his regime, including the work The Poet Satirizes the King. Branded an 'enemy of the state', Yasin faced imprisonment and likely death if he remained in Iraq. He continued to write and publish poetry from exile in the UK, his works smuggled back into Iraq where they became a popular symbol of resistance.
Reviews -
Nabeel and Georgie on BBC Radio 4 Today programme
Nabeel and Georgie on BBC Worldwide TV
Nabeel and Georgie on BBC World radio's Update with Dan Damon

Georgie interview with Al Jazeera

Baghdad Express (2008)
Producer, short drama (12mins)
A fictional story about Maya, a Young Iraqi girl who works in the kitchen of her father’s Arabic restaurant on London’s Edgware Road. When she applies to a fashion school to pursue her ambition to become a designer, Maya is forced to decide which comes first: her dreams or her family. Selected and won many festivals including BFI London, screened at BAFTA as part of an emerging talent showcase.

Kosovo's Cadets - a First Person
Documentary director, for Al Jazeera's First Person series
In 2008, Russia warned that Kosovan independence would damage security across Europe. To help maintain stability during the transition, a security force was established under the auspices of the United Nations. We meet Arbresha Rrhamani, Pristina’s first female cadet at the new military academy, and discover her hopes and dreams for Kosovo’s future.

Return to Somalia, with Rageh Omaar (2006)
Documentary director( 25mins)
Al Jazeera's Witness programme
Password: somalia
Witness presenter Rageh Omaar (Al-Jazeera English) travels back to Somalia , his birthplace, where he encounters a people living through drought and gains an insight into the growing influence of Islam in the country. After 16 years of chaos there was cautious optimism when the Islamic courts chased the CIA-backed warlords out of Mogadishu. But two months later Ethiopia and the Islamic Courts Union that now control most of southern Somalia are on the brink of war. Is a new humanitarian crisis looming in the embattled region?




Return to Somalia

Password "somalia"

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