We have worked with multinationals, government departments, HRH The Prince of Wales, international broadcasters, theatres, charities, tech start ups and individuals. We specialise in creating striking and intimate film-led campaigns and our clients all have one thing in common: an interesting and timely story to tell.

Our specialty is in communicating often complex issues to stakeholders, ultimately through putting faces and stories to the issues at hand.

Some examples of our work are below.

Company profile for Zurich-based blockchain pioneer
Client: Melonport Protocol
Brief: Create a company portrait and brand film to help communicate the company's blockchain offering to current industry and government stakeholders, and to a new market.
Distribution: To be shown online, at conferences and privately. 
What we say: We created ten intimate portrait films and one brand film speaking to stakeholders and partners involved with Melonport (from founders and employees to blockchain specialist lawyers and Deloitte). It is an exciting space and Melonport are pioneers in the space, the films reflect this.


British chef knife manufacturer process film
Client: Savernake Knives
Brief: Create a brand film to showcase the process of making a Savernake Knife.
Distribution: To be used on the website, on social channels, and at shows and festivals.
Budget: £5k
Accolade: "Best product film" in a tweet from BBC regular Mark Kingston
What we say: We wanted to let the rather amazing process "speak" for itself, using only the natural sounds of the workshop, with a cheeky nod to Savenake Knives' mascot, and neighbour, Dougal the Shetland.

Meet the Belarus Free Theatre for BBC Arts! 

Client: BBC Arts
Brief: Create a 36 part series of short films to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the revolutionary exiled theatre company from Belarus.
Distribution: To be shown online via social channels and broadcast on BBC Arts and as part of the live events (I'm with the Banned" and "Staging a Revolution").
Budget: £30k+ 
About the client: Ben Brantley of the NYT says, "One of the most powerful and vividly resourceful underground companies the planet." 

Selection from the series below and see full series here.

Kenya Anti Poaching Campaign

Client: Gallmann Conservancy
Brief: Create a film to accompany the #sponsoraranger campaign to support the work of the Gallmann Memorial Foundation, Kenya's largest private conservancy .
Distribution: To be screened at the awareness and fundraising event held at the Royal Geographical Society in London.
Budget: £10k
What we say:  We are thrilled to be working with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation in Kenya, creating a film and helping to launch their #sponsoraranger campaign to raise awareness and sponsor the work of their rangers' anti poaching work and conservation work.   www.gallannkenya.org

The life of a working playwright in Gaza: FRONTLINE LIPSTICK
Client: Royal Court Theatre London, British Council and Cactus Productions
Brief: Create a film to tell the story of Palestinian playwright Nail Mohana, and the process of creating a play with London's Royal Court Theatre.
Distribution: Royal Court Theatre premiere, and online on British Council and Royal Court channels.
What we say: A pioneering act of filmic cross cultural collaboration   Screening info here.

Theatre and Reconciliation in Burundi and Rwanda
Client: Project Ariadne/Arts Council UK
Brief: To create a series of short films to profile the work of email theatre-makers in post conflict zones starting with Rwanda and Burundi.
Distribution: Online and at international conferences on arts and human rights.
What we say: We loved working with Project Ariade and inspirational founder and director Susannah Tresilian, a very happy collaboration.

The story of the Eve Branson Foundation
Client: Eve Branson Foundation and Jnan Amar Polo, Marrakesh
Brief: A short film to tell the story of the Eve Branson Foundation in Morocco
Distribution: To be screened at fundraising events and online
What we say: Tremendously inspiring to meet and follow Eve Branson up into the Atlas Mountains and meet the girls the foundation supports. 

The Poet of Baghdad
Client: Al Jazeera International
Brief: Create an intimate and moving film about Iraqi residence poet Nabeel Yasin
Budget: £30k
Distribution: Al JazeearWitness and Artscape, festivals and The Frontline Club London
What we say: One of our most favourite films about an incredible and inspiring man 

Baghdad Express
Client: UK Film Council/ Pulse Talent award
Brief: Produce a short film with award winning playwright Nimer Rashid, starring Georgina Leonidas, Riz Ahmed and Nayef Rashed.
Budget: £10k
Distribution:  Selected top talent showcase, BAFTA as well as many international festival awards.
What we say: A fantastic first foray into drama filmmaking, we loved it! 


Some longer documentaries we have produced or distributed are featured below.

Cure poster jan 1.png

Short Documentary   |   19mins
Executive Producer + release

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 15.08.42.png

Short Documentary   |  22 mins
A Gingerwink Production with Pulse Films for Al Jazeera


Feature Comedy Documentary
UK Premiere in partnership with Cactus World Films