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Wiltshire-based bespoke chef knife studio Savernake Knives Process film

Client: Savernake Knives
Brief: Create a brand film to showcase the process of making a Savernake Knife.
Distribution: To be used on the website, on social channels, and at shows and festivals.
Budget: £3k
Accolade: "Best product film" in a tweet from BBC regular Mark Kingston
What we say: We wanted to let the rather amazing process "speak" for itself, using only the natural sounds of the workshop, with a cheeky nod to Savenake Knives' mascot, and neighbour, Dougal the Shetland.

Kenya Anti Poaching Campaign

Client: Gallmann Conservancy
Brief: Create a film to accompany the #sponsoraranger campaign to support the work of the Gallmann Memorial Foundation, Kenya's largest private conservancy .
Distribution:To be screened at the awareness and fundraising event held at the Royal Geographical Society in London.
Budget: £3k
What we say:  We are thrilled to be working with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation in Kenya, creating a film and helping to launch their #sponsoraranger campaign to raise awareness and sponsor the work of their rangers' anti poaching work and conservation work.   www.gallannkenya.org

Meet the Belarus Free Theatre for BBC Arts! 

Client: BBC Arts
Brief: Create a 36 part series of short films to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the revolutionary exiled theatre company from Belarus.
Distribution: To be shown online via social channels and broadcast on BBC Arts and as part of the live events (I'm with the Banned" and "Staging a Revolution").
Budget: £30k+ 
About the client: Ben Brantley of the NYT says, "One of the most powerful and vividly resourceful underground companies the planet." 

Selection from the series below and see full series here.

FRONTLINE LIPSTICK: A pioneering act of filmic cross cultural collaboration

Client: Royal Court Theatre London with Cactus Productions
Brief: Create a film to tell the story of Palestinian playwright Nail Mohana, and the process of creating a play with London's Royal Court Theatre.
Screening info here.

Women and Children in Gaza: The seminar that was advertised will take an adventurous turn in
response to playwright Nahil Mohana being refused a visa by the UK Border Agency. In place of the presentation of her work, we have made a short film entitled Front Line Lipstick about her life as a playwright in Gaza, and her response to Shereen Martin and Sirine Saba (of the Fireworkscompany), rehearsing scenes from her play Lipstick, directed by Caitlin McLeod. The film will be screened, and short excerpts from LIPSTICK will also be performed live.*

This was followed by a post film discussion by the filmmakers and Elyse Dodgeson and then presentation from British/Palestinian mental health worker Wasseem El Sarraj on the effects of the recent war in Gaza on local children. We had hoped that Reem Abu Jaber, General Manager of Nawa for Culture and Arts Association in Gaza, would also join the discussion. However Reem has not been permitted to travel by the Israeli authorities. This will be a sharp and impromptu response to the current situation in Gaza for women and children.

*Screening of Front Line Lipstick: a pioneering act of filmic cross cultural collaboration. A collaboration between the Royal Court Theatre, Cactus World Films and Gingerwink Films

Director: Maya Sanbar
Producer: Maya Sanbar
Director of Photography: Georgie Weedon
Production and Photography in Gaza: Aya El-Zinati and Khaled Abu Zaid
Editing: Philippa Edwards, Georgie Weedon Aya El-Zinati
Translation: Najla Dowson-Zeidan & Hamada Lazkani.

Supported by Womens Playhouse Trust (aka The Wapping

Special thanks to Jules Wright, Alan Smart and the British Council in Gaza. £5 or free with a ticket to Fireworks

Project Ariadne: Theatre and Reconciliation in Burundi   
8 mins    |   Short documentary   |    
Directors: Georgie Weedon/Susannah Tresilian  
Arts Council UK       |   2014  |

War is conflict, and conflict is drama.  But unlike a red velvet curtain falling gracefully across a stage at the end of a production, when governments announce a war is over, not only does the drama not stop, but it has barely begun.  Women across the world are making theatre, either because of the wars they have lived through, or in spite of those wars. 

Belgian theatre director and writer, Frédérique Lecomte, specialises in théâtre et réconciliation, working always in the open air with vulnerable people and victims of trauma. She brings together groups in conflict and facilitates them to work together creatively - a methodology that is now widely recognised.


Project Ariadne was founded in 2014 by BBC radio producer and theatre director Susannah Tresilian, and filmmaker/author Georgie Weedon to find women whose work in theatre in conflict zones around the world is changing the society they live in. Barrister and theatre critic Camilla ter Haar joined the team in April 2014.

These form the first elements of the living archive of female voices we are creating at our website www.projectariadne.com.    As the number of women we meet, film and profile grows so will we create a global network where these female theatremakers can influence, share, celebrate and collaborate with each other - expanding into artistic conversations that can be had online, at conferences, at workshops and at festivals.

www.projectariadne.com   @ProjectARIADNE

Eve's Girls: The story of the Eve Branson Foundation
12 mins    |   Short documentary   |    
Director: Georgie Weedon  |   2014

Featuring: Eve Branson, Richard Branson, The Eve Branson Foundation, British Polo Day
A Gingerwink FIlm (c) 2014 in association with Jnan Amar Polo, Marrakesh

Eve's Girls: The Story of the Eve Branson Foundation

This short film tells the story of the Eve Branson Foundation: Eve Branson's motivation for setting up the foundation and the work of the foundation in the field. Traveling with Eve up to the Atlas Mountains we meet the girls the foundation supports, we see the how the charity is changing lives, we see the work that goes in to fundraising, and we get a glimpse of the energy and spark and determination Eve both has and inspires in those around her.

A Gingerwink Films Production (c) 2014 in association with Jnan Amar Polo


Cure poster jan 1.png

Short Documentary   |   19mins
Executive Producer + release
Coming Spring 2014

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 15.08.42.png

Short Documentary   |  22 mins
A Gingerwink Production with Pulse Films for Al Jazeera

Feature Comedy Documentary
UK Premiere in partnership with Cactus World Films 
Spring 2014

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 14.34.16.png

Bagdad Express   
Short film   |  11 mins   |   Dir: Nimer Rashid
Featuring Georgina Leonidas, Riz Ahmed, Nayef Rashed.

Selected top talent showcase, BAFTA as well as many festivals.

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