Festivals season! Had an inspiring time photographing musicians on Gus Robertson's Great Brain Robbery Stage at Standon Calling. Bands include the epic Cleaning Women from Finland who MAKE THEIR OWN INSTRUMENTS, The Rotten Hill Gang, Nick Hadfield DJ, Park Hotel, The People Pile and Vicky Butterfly. A section below. And hats off to my adventuring pal and Gertrude co pilot Tamzin Muir! 



We have had a busy and fun time making a short film for the brilliant bespoke chef knife company Savernake Knives This film has already picked up some accolade, "best product film" in a tweet from BBC regular SME man Mark Kingston. We went for just showing the process, and only using natural sound, the film became more like a piece of music. We're pretty chuffed with it. Have a look here.

We have also been dipping our toe into blockchain - a distributed trust network - (*check out what the Economist has to say about it here) working with the pioneering Melonport to create product videos about Melonport's offering. See George Hallam explain how Melon protocol works hereand founder Mona el Isa explain here.

We also dropped in on the brilliant Prison Chior Project's launch in London, they take and create choirs in prisons. All good vibes. Take a look at the launch that we filmed here.


We are thrilled to be working with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation in Kenya, creating a film and helping to launch their #sponsoraranger campaign to raise awareness and sponsor the work of their rangers' anti poaching work and conservation work.  We created a short film to profile a day in the life of a ranger and are helping with the digital campaign. The film was premiered at the Royal Geographical Society in November 2016 to mark the launch of the campaign.

We are also very happy to be working with global collaboration platform Hub Culture to produce seven short interview films of their Ordinary Club for Extraordinary Women Series (London 2016), full series here and a fun one here with Jules Streets over there.




Belarus Free Theatre are one of the 2016 nominees of the Freedom of Expression awards. They have been using their creative and subversive art to protest the dictatorial rule of Aleksandr Lukashenko for a decade. Facing pressure from authorities since their inception, the group nonetheless thrived underground, performing in apartments, basements and forests despite continued arrests and brutal interrogations.

Belarus Free Theatre who we are proud to have been working very closely with for over a year has been nominated for the Index on Censorship Award 2016. See the company's brilliant co founder and co artistic director Natalia Kaliada explain why the work of the BFT is so crucial and Georgie Weedon talk about art and social change and the BFT's new Ministry of Counterculture.



Thrilled to be working with the Belarus Free Theatre ("The most powerful underground company in the planet" - NY Times) and their 10 year anniversary festival STAGING A REVOLUTION celebrations in London and lived streamed online. We created a series of 30 portrait films for BBC Arts: Meet the Belarus Free Theatre. (Dir: Georgie Weedon, Editor: Philippa Edwards). Work and projets with the BFT are ongoing so watch this space!

We are also helping BFT launch the amazing Ministry of Counterculture. Watch this space and for partnerships and film series please get in touch with Georgie! 


We are working with film producer Maya Sanbar to create a film for London's Royal Court Theatre about Palestinian playwright Nahil Mohana and her new play LIPSTICK, directed by Caitlin McLeod. It will be screened on Saturday 8th March, 12:30PM at the Royal Court, along with a rehearsed reading of LIPSTICK as part of a wider discussion on the effects of the recent war in Gaza on children. The film has been supported by the Woman's Playhouse Trust (aka Wapping Project)
Tickets + information via the Royal Court.

We are creating theatre! Very excited to announce Georgie is Assistant directing to theatre director Denholm Spurr with the brilliant play Under the Blue Sly by David Eldridge It premiered at the Royal Court in 2000, and we're reviving it on at the Drayton Arms. - 8th and 9th March 2015

Tickets here! 
Press Release here. 

WINTER 2014 - 2015

Project Ariadne premiered our Frederique Lecomte short doc at the National Theatre in Dublin (Abbey Theatre) as part of The Theatre of War Symposium. Photos and happy memories here January 2015

We held a highly successful preview of our 30 minute documentary,  Sound Seeker's Hear in Malawi, to doctors and stakeholders at UCL's Ear Institute January 2015

Project Ariadne has been asked by Ireland's national theatre, the Abbey Theatre, to co-curate a symposium on the Theatre of War 22nd - 24th January 2015. Follow the journey @ProjectAriadne @AbbeyTheatre   #TOWS2015.

Announcing Gingerwink Education with inaugural workshops in Malawi - Nov 2014

We have been commissioned by UK charity Sound Seekers to make a film about 2013 Big Brother winner Sam Evans' trip to see their work in the field in Malawi. The UK's DFID are match-funding the appeal that runs from Oct 2014- Jan 2015 and the release of the film is set for 15th January 2015. 

We have been filming at the amazing Gallmann Reserve in Kenya, watch this space - Nov 2014

Project Ariadne in pre-prep filming with Frederique le Compte and her Theatre and Reconciliation work in Burundi -  Filming September 2014 

My Heart My Secrets feature script by award winning filmmaker David Alexander, in developmet! - Sept 2014


Our film Eve's Girls was reviewed in the UK's Observer! - July 2014

Announcing latest Gingerwink Film - Eve's Girls: The Story of the Eve Branson Foundation - May, June 2014

Gingerwink Films Distribution working with New Wave Films to promote Palestinian Feature Drama, When I Saw You, in UK cinemas - June 2014

Georgie Weedon selected onto Director's Guild Masterclass, for emerging directors 



PROJECT ARIADNE: Women making theatre in war study launched- April 2014

PROJECT ARIADNE- Profiling female theatre makers in post conflict areas - March 2014

Marrakesh Biennale Aim - Feb-March 2014
Including artists Yuan Shun, Anne Verhoijen, Ni Weihma

The Cure for Homesickness

Press Release for The Cure for Homesickness - Feb 2014

Georgie Weedon interviews director Gabi Menezes - Feb 2014

The Muslims are Coming! 

Press Release for UK Premiere of The Muslims are Coming! - Feb 2014



Georgie Weedon, Founder Gingerwink Films and Co Founder Project Ariadne

Gabi Menezes

Director of The Cure for Homesickness

Gabi Menezes

Gabi Menezes

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