The Cure for Homesickness

A film by Gabi Menezes

Short Documentary   |   19 mins      
Release: Spring 2014


The film explores what home means through the personal story of the director and her family. Like many Zimbabweans, the Menezes fled economic and political instability. They moved to Europe, but the pain of losing their home has always remained with them. Gabi Menezes turns her camera on her family, and explores the themes of memory, childhood, and exile. She journeys back to Zimbabwe for the first time in ten years and shows how the country has changed. When you are looking for something that belongs to the past, home lies in an imagined country.

Filmed in Europe, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and Mali, and using rare archive footage of Zimbabwe dating back from the 1980’s, ‘The Cure for Homesickness’ is a poetic and moving journey about the search for identity and belonging. It is at once a deeply personal story of a family, but explores universal themes. It asks an audience to question what home means and how they define it. 


About the team behind the film

Gabi Menezes is a writer and filmmaker, and makes short news films for a wide range of clients including the United Nations. She worked for many years in television journalism, and was the West Africa reporter for Al Jazeera. She has made short television news documentaries, but this is her first film. She is interested in exploring internal emotional journeys through her films, and the human stories behind political events.

Filmed in many different countries, the main Directors of Photography were Anastasia Kirillova, and Sophia Scott. The Consultant Editor on the film was NFTS graduate Katherine Lee, and Bence Varga provided the effects for the memory sections of the film. Lisa Maria Puy was the composer for the film.  Georgie Weedon is the executive producer and is handling all queries for broadcast. 

Poster and DVD design by Lindsay Noble.

Director, Gabi Menezes

Where home exists in an imagined country

Where home exists in an imagined country

We caught up with Gabi and asked her about the making of The Cure for Homesickness.                          
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