We're producers and communicators. We create websites, short films, photography campaigns, brochures, film-led online training packages, books, social media strategies. We would love to help you get your story told in the best way possible to the people that need to hear it.

We've launched digital NGO campaigns, we've created websites, we've created social media strategies and campaigns for film premieres, climate change institutions, found buyers for obscure documentaries,  we've created content libraries for Riad El Fenn in Marrakech, Eileen Shona in Scotland, and we've helped exiled artists to stage a revolution in London and in Europe's last dictatorship, we've had our own films screened at BAFTA as part of an emerging talent showcase, won some awards, created a communications strategy for Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, created a 36 part short film series for BBC Artsmost recently created a brand film for Wiltshire-based Savernake Knives.

Our Story

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Gingerwink was set up in 2008 by Georgie Weedon. The company's first projects were the short documentary The Poet of Baghdad (22mins)  for Al Jazeera, and the short drama Baghdad Express which was funded through Film London's Pulse programme and made in partnership with Tom Benski's Pulse Films. 

Previously Georgie was the third member of the launch team of Al Jazeera English and was responsible for the global channel's documentary acquisitions and commissions; developing the daily documentary show, Witness. She produced and directed Return to Somalia with Rageh Omaar  for Al Jazeera, and also reported on the independence of Kosovo. 

She co- authored the book Offscreen: Four Young Artists in the Middle East, has appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, BBC TV News, BBC World Service Radiohas had her films screened at BAFTA(emerging talent screening), various festivals and the Frontline Club. She was also selected onto the Climate Leadership Programme at Cambridge University, and worked for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


We're Feminist and we're Egalitarian.  We want to change some ugly statistics. We want to see more women writing and directing, more leading roles for women on screen, and more women represented in the media.  Amongst other projects we salute ProjectARIADNE.com, that profiles and champions women making theatre in conflict affected areas. The world is huge and the media is currently providing a very skewed reflection of our stories, our voices and our ideas. 

CROSS OVER Gingerwink's heritage is in artistic cross-border collaborationWe hail from London and Wiltshire but are international in outlook and have created digital campaigns and films in Europe, the Middle East and lots in Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Morocco).